Hacked Japanese panels for custom-made

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Materials: 2 rolls Anno Inez, 3m * 60cm ; 2 rolls Anno Sanela, beige, 3m * 60cm ; 2 thin rods ; 2 swivel rods ; 1 sewing machine, white angledozer, white satin ribbon and white wire

Description: I really wanted the signs for my Japanese Anno Inez French window overlooking the street, hiding for their character and bright. Except that the leaf of the doors are narrower than the panels and I did not use the rail system Kvartal, too expensive for my taste. To maximize the window, the panels will be Japanese Anno Sanela mounted on swivel rods.

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Couture%2Bdes%2Bourlets 718127
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Step 1: Measure the window and cut the panels to Japanese Anno Inez corresponding height and width.
Step 2: Sew the angledozer around the panels Anno Inez tailored so that the fabric does not fray.
Step 3: Sew the ribbon to white satin ribbon around the thin rod. Finishes fixing sewing a button.
Step 4: Place the thin rod on window casements. Follow the signs to the window opening, no need to slide the curtains 😉
Step 5: Place the swivel rods in corners of the doors.
Step 6: Cut the Japanese Anno Sanela panels to length and sew the hems (the top one to host the rotating rod). Slide the panels to swivel rods and enjoy!

See more of the Japanese panels.

~ Cécile, France

Jules Yap