Industrial Frosta shoerack

Materials: Frosta stool, 2 thread rods, 8 tapped bushes, drill

We needed some creative space for putting shoes, since our new hallway is very narrow. And I wanted something to sit on while putting on my shoes. And we had an old Frosta stool. Putting these wishes together I came up with an industrial Frosta-shoerack-stool-hack.

I bought 2 M5 stainless steal thread rods (each one meter long) and 8 tapped bushes, also M5.

Then I drilled 8 holes (M6) in the Frost legs: 4 in the middle and four in the lower end of the legs. So each leg had 2 holes. At the end of the legs the two holes in opposite legs are on the same height, the holes in the other two legs are a bit higher. The same holds for the holes in the middle of the legs.

I sawed the thread rods to get 4 pieces, each a bit longer then the distance between two opposite legs. Each short thread rod was now pushed through two opposite legs — since the other two holes are located a bit higher, the rods fit nicely and form a cross. The two crosses form the shoerack, holding one pair of shoes each.

The end of each thread rod is fixed with a tapped bush. Since the bushes are a bit longer (ca. 1cm) they also serve as hangers for shoehorns.

If I come across the right color, the stool might even get a new coat of paint.

~ Cerstin, Zurich (Switzerland)

Jules Yap