Stencilled side table

p20110625 120753 776527
p20110625 120753 776527

IKEA Frosta stool, PLAID Acrylic Paint, Stencil Brush, Plaid Simply Stencil set, PLAID extra thick glaze, Double Bracket

Description: I saw this hack and was inspired to do up a side table for my living room.

However, I wanted something more decorated and had really wanted to try stencilling.

p20110625 120900 773086

So off I went to the local art supplies store and bought Matt Black acrylic paint, stencil brush and stencil set. I didn’t sand the surface of the stool and painted directly on it.

p20110625 120815 774018
p20110625 120835 775503

After that, I used an aerosol glaze to finish the two surfaces.

~ Zatiman, Singapore

Jules Yap