Upholstered Lack Hack

Materials: Lack Coffee Table

Description: Using the base of the Lack coffee table to make a large upholstered ottoman/coffee table.

I took apart the Lack coffee table and chopped the legs from the bottom. I left the metal braces already on the legs so I could reattach a new shelf. I reused the hardware to attach the legs to the new upholstered plywood top. Because I made the top larger than the original lack I had to build a new bottom shelf. It is attached by chiseling out notches on the bottom of the shelf and resting on the metal shelf prongs made for the Lack Coffee table.

I thought about not hacking the Lack coffee table and doing this all from scratch but after pricing out the costs of 4 legs, leg hardware, and hardware to attach a seamless lower shelf, the $19.00 Lack Coffee Table and its materials was much cheaper.

The specific details of how to build and tuft the top and build a bottom shelf out of scrap wood, are on my blog.

See more of the Lack upholstery.

~ Jennifer, Missouri