Large and plush upholstered IKEA LACK ottoman hack

Using the base of the IKEA LACK coffee table I hacked a large upholstered ottoman/coffee table. It’s so good for putting up our feet and displaying our coffee table books.

upholstered LACK ottoman


IKEA LACK Coffee Table

How I made a large upholstered ottoman from the IKEA LACK

I took apart the LACK coffee table and chopped the legs from the bottom. I left the metal braces already on the legs so I could reattach a new shelf. I reused the hardware to attach the legs to the new upholstered plywood top. Because I made the top larger than the original lack I had to build a new bottom shelf. It is attached by chiseling out notches on the bottom of the shelf and resting on the metal shelf prongs made for the LACK Coffee table.

ikea coffee table
shortened legs on upholstered IKEA LACK ottoman
bottom shelf

I thought about not hacking the LACK coffee table and doing this all from scratch but after pricing out the costs of 4 legs, leg hardware, and hardware to attach a seamless lower shelf, the $19.00 LACK Coffee Table and its materials was much cheaper.

~ by Jennifer, Missouri