Knuff is e-knuff

Materials: Vika amon custom table, Knuff

Description: I was really in the need of someplace to store my 11×17 paper for my large format printer. I was storing it on the floor under the desk but I kept kicking it. Then I had it on a HOL storage cube that we store our blankets in. That became a pain. So I went down to our favorite Swedish furniture store with a mission. I came across the Knuff magazine files and a spark went off.

I first knocked off the front piece of the Knuff. It came out relatively easy with a smack from the utility knife I was going to use. Then I put some small screws into the front just to hold them up loosely to the bottom of the Vika Amon top. Then I opened up my toolbox and found a lot of IKEA hardware that I never bother to put on from my Malm dressers. And Voila!

~ Vinny, NJ