Half this to make an IKEA MOPPE alternative

Looking for an alternative to the IKEA MOPPE? Here’s how to DIY one.

I have an old LACK shelving unit (not sold anymore) and no box/ drawer options really fit in it.

Then, I realised the depth of KNUFF magazine file was as wide as my LACK shelf.

Before, previously painted KNUFF magazine files

The KNUFF magazine files come in a set of 2 and are imbricated one into another. The slight variance in size made it possible to create drawers.

I decided to cut 3 unused KNUFF magazine files to create a kind of customized alternative IKEA MOPPE mini storage chest.

  • 3 KNUFF magazine file set — Each set comes with 2 boxes – 1 unit slightly larger than the other
  • Paint
  • Thin medium-density fibreboards (or re-use the cut part of KNUFF if you can cut more accurately than I did)
  • Wood glue

Very modest for materials (glue, paint, potentially fibreboard pieces)

Time spent:

It goes quite quickly (especially if you have a sawing multi-tool), apart from waiting for glue to dry

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Here’s how to make an IKEA MOPPE alternative

1. Cut the KNUFF files at the point where they stop of being straight. (For the smaller unit, see my note at Step 2.)

IKEA Moppe alternative hack
IKEA Moppe alternative hack

2. Cut one of the top /large side of the small unit.

IKEA Moppe alternative hack

Note: If you cut the side of the small unit carefully and close to the edge, you can reuse the piece for making the back of the drawer. If you mess up like I did, you’ll need:

a) In Step 1, cut the smaller unit a little bit lower than just below the ‘wave’.

b) Use additional material (eg. fibreboard) to cut a back for the drawer.

(See the detailed explanation of how this is done at the end of the post.)

 Here’s more or less the result after all the cutting: 

cut parts

all parts cut

 3. Cut the form in fibreboard to create the backs of the drawers (3 in my case)

back of drawer

 4. Glue them to the back of the small units.

back of drawer

 5. Using a hole saw, drill a hole in the faces of the drawers so you can pull them out.

drawer pull

If you don’t have a hole saw, you can drill two holes and link them with a nice cord knotted in the holes. (pictured below) 

drawer pull

6. Do a bit of painting. Then, glue to fix the outer boxes (the large units) together to form the frame of a mini chest of 3 drawers.

IKEA Moppe alternative

7. Fit the small unit (drawers) into the large unit (outer frame) and you’re done. You have an alternative mini chest like the IKEA MOPPE.

IKEA Moppe alternative

I use them to store all my small office supplies.

IKEA Moppe alternative

And the chest fits well in my LACK shelving unit.

IKEA Moppe alternative
Detailed explanation of the difference when you can reuse the cut top or not.

If you can’t, in order for the small unit to slide perfectly into the large unit, you’ll have the cut it a little more below the start of wave form of the KNUFF.

cut instruction

~ by Jerry, Belgium