L-Shaped Expedit Kitchen Island

Materials: 2 Expedits 2 by 2, Vika Amon Table Top, 4 Vika Curry Table legs (only the top part), 4 Besta Legs, Drawers, Skrews

For our new kitchen we searched a kitchen island. But none of the premade matched our needs (my wife wanted something with color). So I hacked together a mix between bar and kitchen island.

Step by Step:

1. Assembled the Expedits
2. Screwed them together with some brackets.
3. Screwed the Vika Curry Tops to the table top (they come in two parts, I only used the top).
4. Drilled holes into the Expedit for screws from the bottom.
5. Added some drawers from Schwedenpunk to get more color into our flat.

~ Typonerd, Germany