Expedit Workstation to Small Form Standing Desk

Materials: Expedit Workstation (598.613.42, $119.99), 1 * Ledberg 3-piece light strip (501.920.73, $14.99), 1 * Capita leg (200.495.38, $14.00), 1 * Ekby Hemnes Shelf (501.787.79, $14.99)

Description: A great small form standing desk for about $150 using a (slightly modified) Expedit workstation.

Additional equipment:

1. Construct the shelving unit. I left out the the bottom shelf and divider as that’s where the computer will sit.

Raise the bottom of the unit 5cm (2″) off the floor or you’ll end up with a slanted desk! You could use the spare pieces from the bottom shelf you didn’t put in, I had a piece of an old Expedit 2×2 unit knocking around that I used instead.

2. Construct the desk unit. Crucially you need to swap round the positions of the clasp and adjustable feet. i.e. put the feet at the end of the long section and the clasps at the end of the short section. You’ll need the drill to do this.

3. Attach the desk unit to the shelving unit.

4. Put the Capita legs and the Ledberg lights on the Ekby shelf. I used double sided tape for the lights, it makes it easier if you want to re-position them.

5. Put the shelf on the desk. Et voila, a small form standing desk.

~ John Threlfall