Parisian on the Cheap

Materials: Stranda Dresser, 3/4 plywood, 2 x 2, bendable MDF, Paint

Description: I was in love with the Powell Parisian line of furniture for kids but couldn’t justify the expense.

So I got creative with my Ikea Stranda dersser.

I cut 4 half figure eight panels out of 3/4 inch plywood and attached them to the sides of the dressers with screws and 2 x 2’s. They’re attached with regular dry wall screws. The sides are enclosed using the bendable MDF and finishing nails. I had a nail gun and I put nails every inch.

Finally, I filled in the holes and edges with woodfill, sanded and painted. The finished product looks like this.

I used Ralph Lauren Metallic paints. Bendable MDF came in around $60. I special ordered it from Rockler. The dresser is 149. The plywood was about $30. Paint was about $50. I also got new knobs and those were about $30. My grand total for the dresser was right at $320.00 dollars.

The original dresser that inspired this hack was about $750.00.

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~ Kim Lewis of Savvy Spaces, Houston