Pimp my Billy Laiva: From a boring bookshelf to an astonishing bar

Materials: 1-One LAMPLIG Grytgaller 2-One LOTS spegel 3-One DIODER led 4-Couple of nail clips and double sided adhesive pads.

Description: The pictures I took are quite self-explanatory, so I will resume it as much I can. Have you any question I will be happy to answer it!

I sawed the Lamplig right in the middle. Then I ended up drilling 16 holes in order to accommodate the sawn-off Lamplig perfectly in to the upper shelf. To make it steady I used a couple of nail clips.

Since the mirrors LOTS spegel already come with double sided adhesive pads, all I had to do was to place 5 pads on the back of each mirror and set them on my preferred location.

The DIODER led lights do also come with adhesive pads, so I did the same with them!

And this is the final result. It works pretty well as an ambient lightening. Right now the only thing missing is to throw a party! I’m off, peace out!

Inspired by this hack.

~ Raphael G Correia, Sweden