Privacy Glass Wall for Studio Space (PAX)

Materials: Pax

Description: This hack helped divide an upstairs loft from downstairs living room. It provides privacy, also it is somewhat temporary and not a huge install like that of putting in a full stud framed wall with drywall, plus this looks much more appealing and can be used for any kind of room divider. The total hight of the door came to 14 feet, but it slides like a dream with enough gap just above the carpet.

Starting off first you want to install a 2×4 cap piece in which will sit atop the PAX panels. Measure carefully as you need this to be a tight fight both across and also the height.

I framed this in using some basic 2×4 hangers into the existing wall.

Ikea pax door loft divider
Ikea pax door loft divider
Ikea pax door loft divider

Second, start to place the panels up, make sure you are straight on the first panel as it will line up the rest you intend to install. To attach the panel I used small L angle brackets, two at the top, two at the bottom, and one on the side to stop any wiggle. Just screw these in using small screws and be careful not to screw too low to avoid hitting the glass.

After you have installed the first panel, continue down the line for your desired distance.
You can stop here, but I installed a second set in the opposite direction to cover up the hinge holes and provide a little more sound insulation. I used the same process for this side, but having a small pin nailer makes a joy out of this task, as you can line up the panels and tack them together around the edges.

as for this large door, it is completly custom for the size and space. I used two panels of the PAX and framed around it using pine panels from home depot to give me the desired look and width needed. For the bottom, I used acrylic panels and painted them white to try to match the look of the glass, you can use the glass panels, but i found cutting them led to a shattered mess in my garage, so I went this route.

For hanging the door, I used a sliding door track system I found at Home Depot, this was located in the closet section and worked perfectly for the application.

To mount the track I used flat plate brackets and corresponding size of bolts with washers and nuts. I screwed one end of the flat plates into the top of the 2 x 4 so it is perpendicular to the 2×4. This should leave half of the flat plate panel exposed into the room. I used the nuts and bolts and washers here to attach the track to the flat plate panels so it would run parallel to the 2×4 header.

I used about 8 flat plates to distribute the weight as the door was about 60 pounds but felt like 2 when its would be slid open and closed.

There you have it, your new PAX glass privacy wall which doesn’t require a contractor to come install a full wall for you.

Helpful tools to have, Bradley nailer (air nailer with small pin nails), Drills, and a friend to help hold panels when you are installing them.

~ Chris Kline, Portland, Oregon