Sleek Console Table

Materials: 3 ECKBY JARPEN Shelves size 46 7/8″, 8 2″ coarse pocket screws, table saw

Description: I had been looking for a console table to fit in a nook behind my sofa so I went to Ikea to see what might work.

1) Purchase 3 Ekby Jarpen Shelves at 46 7/8″long
2) Use a pocket screw jig to make 4 pocket screw holes in the top inside of the shelves that will become your “legs” of your console table and repeat this same step for the other leg.
3) Use a regular table saw to cut the legs to your desired length. 30-31″ is standard for a console table.

4) Screw the top of your table to the legs using the 2″ coarse pocket screws. There will be 4-2″ screws used on each leg. They will screw from the inside of the leg to the bottom of your console table shelf.
5) Stage your new console table, stand back and smile

*Note that the pocket screw jog makes your screws not visible from the top of your table giving you a more finished look instead of exposed screws.

See more of the sleek console table.

~ thecubaninmycoffee, Miami, FL

Jules Yap