Standing Corner Desk

Materials: 2x Vika Amon Corner Table Top, 5x Vika Byske Leg, 2x (4 Total) Capita Bracket
Description: My office is small and a regular desk didn’t do anything to improve the situation. So, feeling inspired by a post i saw a few months back (Wide Standing Desk posted January 19th 2011), I decided I needed to try my hand at ikea-hacking a solution.

After a bit of research, I decided that the corner desk option was the best fit and settled on the Vika Amon corner table top in black-brown. I stuck with the original post’s choice for legs (as my intention was to create a standing desk) and shelf supports and decided to double up on the corner table top to engineer a shelf.

The main table top was left as is and the second, intended for the shelf, was cut back on the long sides 9 5/8 leaving a solid 14 depth at the shallow sides of the shelf. I then mounted the Capita brackets to the shelf with the first being 4 in from the sides and the second approximately 14 away from the first. After mounting the brackets I set the shelf in place (1 1/2 in from the back of the lower table top and approximately 14 in from the sides).

After drilling holes in the main table top and mounting the shelf in place i had a great corner desk solution. Now to work on cable management.
~ Ryan Lewis, Morgantown, West Virginia