As-is speaker stand / Ektorp mash-up

Materials: Ektorp couch, Stolmen hooks, candle stands, and Laxvik table

Description: I wanted to put my speakers right behind my couch, but I didn’t want to buy speaker stands, because I didn’t want another set of objects that I had to shuffle around while vacuuming my apartment.

I thought about bolting some posts to the side of my Ektorp couch, but I found a less damaging, cheaper and more elegant solution.

I went to the “As-is” area at my local Ikea with no specific design in mind, and started rummaging through all their parts, and I came up with a custom made solution that works tremendously well.

I had two hooks left over from my previous Stolmen project, so I bought another two. They just happened to fit over the back of my Ektorp perfectly. They are very snug so they hold tight. I used these as the “clips”.

I then purchased a discounted Laxvik table for only $5, also from the As-is area. I used the leg as the frame to connect the two Stolmen hooks, and the side of the table as the speaker post. I threw out the other parts.

Finally I managed to find some candle stands that when flipped around, fit perfectly over the top of the Laxvik leg post, which I used as the stand.

The only thing in this setup that isn’t from Ikea is the velcro I used to secure the speakers to the candle stands.

The Stolmen hooks also double as a very handy way to hold down the speaker cables so it doesn’t get all messy.

I’ve placed mine facing inwards as the Ektorp cushions are thick enough so that I don’t feel them, but if you wanted the speakers further away you could easily flip them around. It’s also so sturdy that this setup could easily accommodate speakers at least 3x the size.

Best of all, this whole setup only cost me $20! ($18 if you don’t include the velcro)

~ Ash, Australia