Ceiling kitteh’s new hideout

Materials: 3 Lack Shelves, 1 Gosa Slan Pillow, 8 Ekby Valter Brackets, 1 Galant desk extension top, 3 Neda Chair Pads, Drawer liner, screws, wall anchors, 1 old pillow case
Description: We’ve had issues over the past year with our 2 cats wanting to climb anything and everything in our bedroom (including our leather headboard that is now destroyed). Unfortunately we do not have enough room to put a kitty climber in the room but in an effort to give them their own climbing space we decided to build them their own custom kitteh korner.

The wifey took care of this part –

To make the kittey bed that go at the top of the kitteh korner, she measured how wide the Galant extension piece was and took in the Galant pillow to the proper size by pinning it and sewing it – NOTE: do not cut before sewing… you will wind up with pillow fluff everywhere. She then tacked a piece of drawer liner to the bottom of a pillow case and then inserted the resized Pillow into the case and sewed it shut.

To make the Covers that would go on each Lack Shelf, she placed a shelf on one of the chair pads and cut the pad to match the shelf. She then cut the pad 1/2″ in on each side so there would be a boarder of wood around each when on the shelf. Next, she cut pieces of drawer liner slightly smaller than each cover. We used drawer liner to help keep the covers in place so our cats could jump and not slide around.

The hubby took care of this part –

He first drilled holes in the bottom of each lack shelf where the brackets were going to sit. This made it easier when he had to attach the shelf to the already wall mounted brackets. He positioned the Galant desk extension at the top and marked where his brackets would be positioned. He marked the 4 holes for the brackets (2 brackets, 2 screws each) and inserted 75lbs anchors into the wall at these points (this may seem like overkill to some but we wanted to make sure that this thing wasnt going anywhere with our kittys on it). He then screwed each bracket into the anchor. After the brackets were set, he screwed the Galant desk extension into the brackets. Working his way down, he completed these steps for each of the lack shelves, ensuring that the bottom one was low enough for the cats to jump to. We also made sure that there was enough room between each so they could jump between them. Finally, we placed the bed and covers and voila!

~ Heather & Shahrum