Desk for our bambino

Materials: Malm Nightstand

Description: This clearly wasn’t difficult, but it’s our first hack, so we’re proud. We found the Malm nightstand in the AS IS section for $20 (since it was missing the drawer). We found these leg posts, which already had screws in them, at Home Depot. We had them cut (which was free- and since we live in a highrise and don’t own a saw, this was a HUGE deal) the longer leg to 11″ so that it would even out the 5″ difference from the back of the nightstand to the front. We used insert nuts to secure the legs. I painted the legs white to complement our son’s crib, and voila! A desk our 16mo old son can grow into!

$20- nightstand
$8- for four legs (2- 6″, 2- 15″ cut down to 11″)
$6- insert nuts
$2- sample of white paint

$36 buckaroos for a good lookin’ desk

~ linda kim, Chicago