EXPEDIT beach at home coffee table

Materials: EXPEDIT coffee table, silicone sealant, bird sand

Description: I really love the EXPEDIT coffee table, but most of the time, the glass slips around or dirt and liquids gets under the glass and make EXPEDIT looks really aweful.

So, I decided to seal the glass top and fill it with something naturally looking.

Five simple steps to your very own little beach:

1. Sift the bird seed in order to get fine pure beach-like sand.

2. Close three sides of the gap between the glass and the table with silicone sealant.

3. Fill the bird sand in the gap.

4. Close the last side of the table with silicone sealant.

5. Let the silicone harden and clean the finished table.

See more the beach Expedit.

~ Kai Spriestersbach, Munich, Germany