iMac Workstation

Materials: Numerar countertop, Expedit bookcase, Vika Byske leg, Ledberg Leds, 2x Signum cable organiser

I recently got myself a 27″ iMac and since its screen is huge, I decided to increase the depth of my workspace.

My room’s width is almost perfect for the countertops Ikea offers, so I went right for the Numerar one. Since I needed some storage space as well, I kinda stumbled over the Expedit shelf, which I saw in another Ikea Hack posted on this website.

I exchanged the top plate of the Expedit shelf with a thin wooden panel, which I had cut into the right size at a hardware store, and placed the Numerar right on top of it. The shelf and the countertop are connected with two screws.

The left side of the countertop is attached to the wall with a bracket. I also added a Vika Byske leg somewhere in the middle, for extra stability – and it’s rock solid!

Right underneath the iMac I mounted another custom cut wooden plate on which it stands, with the bars that came with the Signum cable management. Looks kinda messy now but I will get a SSD drive build into my Mac soon so I didn’t feel like doing the work twice. Ledberg Leds at the back of the Numerar add a nice backlight while working.

Hope you guys like it. 🙂

~ Phil, Austria