Fantasy Shade

Materials: Ikea ENJE Roller Shades

Description: I first came up with the idea of the Fantasy Shades when I moved to New York City from San Francisco. I created the Fantasy Shades to create illusory shadows, giving the impression of a fantasy world outside your window. Imagine an alternate reality beyond your window with a view of cherry blossoms, tree branches or even a city that you miss. I would look out my window and miss San Francisco and with that came my first creation of the Fantasy Shades.

I used a photograph of the San Francisco skyline, with the Golden Gate bridge, and developed a silhouette image on Photoshop. I then printed that silhouette image on a silk screen to then be screen printed onto a white Ikea ENJE Roller Shade with white ink. The light from behind the shade would make the image look gray, like a shadow really giving you the effect that outside your window was San Francisco. Since then I have created different scenes including the New York City skyline, a silhouette of a tree in Rome and so many more.

See more of Melissa’s fantasy shades on her online store.

~ Melissa Borrell