Materials: Ikea Bodo, Gorm, plywood, wood glue & screws

Description: So, I needed a shelving unit that would fit snugly in the corner of my laundry area. The space is a couple inches shy of 2 feet and apparently most units ikea has is about 2 feet wide. So I guess it’s justifiable to hack.

Somehow I decided on the leaning ladder design cause I think it does not take too much of visual space plus it’s relatively easy to build. This design could also hide sanitary pipes and existing water source which will make the area look neater.

I used some leftover Gorm pieces for the legs and wood strips from a wrecked Bodo to act as spars for the shelves. Since it’s an angled design, I screwed in a thin aluminium piece to re-inforce the top joint. I’ve no idea how much load this unit is going to sustain so I glued the joints prior to screwing them together.

Cut some plywood and place them over the spars. Add a coat of varnish on the plywood to waterproof them and paint the Gorm legs just because I have some leftover paint.

I didn’t spend much on this shelf, most of the materials were from previous projects. I’m quite happy with the result though and I sure hope they will last.

~ hurley, 1852@SG