Grundtal Magnetic Keyring Holder

Materials: Grundtal Magnetic Knife Holder

Description: While browsing our local IKEA, my roommate, Nick, and my fascination with lights and magnets paid off when we noticed the magnetic knife holders. Not knowing how we would use it at the moment, we bought it anyway.

After unpacking our other items, the only items remaining on the counter were our keys and the knife holder. We took a key ring and tested the holding power and fought it perfect. After searching for a wall to mount the magnet on with no luck, we looked at the only flat large surface we had near our entry way, under our granite kitchen counters.

We agreed on the spot, applied a couple of strips is double-sided sticky tape and we had the perfect out-of-the-way yet easy-access solution for our keys.

With a lot of guests , the solution has worked great and we regularly hear what a “genius” idea it is.

~ Jeremy Thacker, Dallas, TX