Good hair days start with these 4 little hacks

Keep your hair tools and products in hand and organized with these simple hacks.

#1 Hair tools holder

I hacked a simple hair tools holder using the discontinued GRUNDTAL towel rail and zip ties. (The GRUNDTAL towel rail is replaced by the BROGRUND).

  • GRUNDTAL towel rail
  • Zip ties
grundtal towel rail

GRUNDTAL towel rail (replaced by BROGRUND) | Buy on

The wires from the hairdryer / hair straighteners will slide inside the towel rack will not tangle so easily. Simple yet functional!

hair tools holder ikea
hair tools holder ikea

Can be done for more tools using the GRUNDTAL wall shelf.

~ by Luís_Dias

#2 Hair products organizer

bekvam spice rack

BEKVÄM Spice rack | Buy on

Pretty simple hack here, just used a BEKVÄM spice rack and screwed a 9″ LANSA handle on the bottom.

hair tools holder ikea

The rack holds all my hair products and my hair dryer / flat iron caddy hangs from the handle. Keeps everything handy!

~ by Lori

#3 Trofast Beauty Station

I hacked a TROFAST storage unit into a mobile beauty station.

Trofast Beauty Station
Trofast frame

TROFAST storage unit |Buy on

I flipped it over, added casters and painted it black. (Back when I made this the only color options were white and natural wood.)

Trofast Beauty Station

I also added handles, a hair dryer holder (found at any beauty supply store) and a small storage basket on the sides. Everything I used is from IKEA apart from the paint and blow dryer holder.

Click here for more info.

~ by Queen Lila

#4 GRUNDTAL wall mounted beauty bar

I’m a mess in the morning. I have ADHD, which makes digging through drawers, baskets, and piles a nightmare, and I have to compete for one of two bathroom vanities: my husband shaves in the en suite bath while my daughter primps in the other. Our condo is tiny and our bathrooms are tinier… no room to share!

But with this hack, I made vertical organization work as a dressing table. Read more.

~ by Shannon, Austin, Texas