New Use for Bygel wire basket

Bygel Wire Baskets

Description: I needed a better way to store ribbon in my craft room. Dowels are annoying to swap out ribbon spools, especially if you’re very particular about arranging your ribbon! I suddenly realized that the hanging Bygel wire baskets in my shower might work perfectly and they did 🙂

I went to IKEA and bought 12 BYGEL wire baskets. I removed the handles and hung them from screws in the wall instead. Now I can cut ribbon right from there or remove the baskets when working on a project that involves many spools.

I didn’t want the wire handles to go to waste, so I screwed them upside down from the side of a dresser to create magazine storage for project inspiration. I also used them in same way to hang the Bygel plastic containers as a way to store scrap ribbon.

I’m not even sure if this should be considered a hack, but I can tell you that had I seen this on Ikea Hackers years ago, it would’ve saved me many pathetic attempts at organizing my craft room!

See more of the ribbon organizer.

~ Jillian Pimental, Plymouth, Ma, USA