Snow-white Rast and the five Knuffs

Materials: 1 Rast, 3 sets of Knuff, 4 casters, screws, paint, drill

Description: I always had a mess under my desk stacking ring binders, folders, and other paper files on a Rast. The ring binders where placed on top of the Rast, because they do not fit inside — it’s 4 cm too short. The other papers were stacked on the lower shelf.

So, first I lowered the lower shelf, to place it on a similar position as the upper one. I drilled new holes into the side panels and filled the existing ones. To ease moving the Rast around — for cleaning or rearranging — I added small casters. They are almost invisible, the Rast seems to be floating.

Next I roll-painted the Rast cream-white. This already looked very nice, ringfolders do fit. But I still had some paper files and folders I would have to stack on top of the Rast — very ugly and impractical.

I bought 3 sets of Knuff magazine files — each consisting of a smaller and a bigger one. I roll-painted them cream-white too, drilled two small holes into the bottom of each and screwed 5 (two smaller and three bigger ones) on top of the Rast. They are aligned to make the different lengths almost invisible.

The new folder rack is now placed beside my desk.

~ Cerstin, Zurich (Switzerland)

Jules Yap