Vintage crate gets IKEA RAST drawers

Materials: IKEA items (2) IKEA RAST 3 drawer chests (plus accompanying hardware), 2 vintage crates, drill, wood glue, screws, saw, rubber mallet or hammer

Description: 1) Cut down the drawer parts (for four drawers or as many as will fit in your crate) to fit the width of your crate.

2)Break apart the 2nd crate for pieces (drawer faces) & pull out 5 good boards. Cut them down to the width of your crate. (Make sure they aren’t too tall so they don’t keep your drawers from opening.) Glue & screw these pieces to your four drawers (& save one piece to use as a “dummy panel” to cover any part of the crate that isn’t so pretty–in my case the top of the crate was rough so I covered it with a dummy panel).

3) Drill holes in the dummy panels for your drawer pulls & install drawer pulls. (I used old faucet handles & zip ties as my drawer pulls, but the pulls that come w/ the IKEA RAST work great too.)

4) Take your in tact crate & add the drawer rails to the sides of the crate just like the RAST instructions show how to. (You will have to drill your own holes though instead of having the holes predrilled for you by IKEA.)

5) After all rails are inserted, insert your drawers into your crate, add any finishing touches, and enjoy your crate dresser! I used mine as one half of a craft table.

Note–you will have IKEA RAST pieces left over. If you have 2 more crates you can add a drawer to each of them for great bedside tables.

~ Sissy J (LoveSissy), Chicago