Ställ Computer Cabinet

Materials: Ställ shoe cabinet, Broder wall brackets

Description: Having had two computer towers standing around in my living room, making noise and looking ugly I decided to remedy the situation by hiding them somewhere: enter IKEA Ställ Shoe Cabinet.

Before assembly I drilled several holes (22mm diameter) in the backs of the top and the bottom surfaces of the cabinet. I then assembled the frame as normal, and mounted it to the wall.

I then took left-over wall brackets (from some Broder storage units I have) and attached them inside, and as close to the bottom as possible, of each fold out compartment, as to provide extra support for the weight of the computers.

Since the computer towers are a little high (38 cm) I could not put all the compartments into place. What I instead did was I wired the cabinet from the bottom up, and slid the bottom compartment into place. I then put the computer into the “basket” and attached the wires, after which I closed the compartment. I could now slide the second compartment into place, do the same thing as before, and then close that compartment as well. In the remaining, top compartment I put the UPS, which is smaller than the computers and therefore fits into the “basket” with plenty of room left over.

The two lower compartments can be opened enough to access the computers (but not fully). As these computers are file servers I do not need daily access to them thus this limitation of access is not a problem.

Very simple hack. Additional holes can be drilled into the sides of the cabinet for increased ventilation; also there is room enough to mount separate computer fans if one would wish to.

~ Soren Franson, Malmö, Sweden