STÄLL shoe cabinet makeover

Materials: Ikea STÄLL shoe cabinet

Description: I had leftover wallpaper that I wanted to use in my hall, but didn’t have enough to use on the entire wall. Being quite obsessed about using the wallpaper since I felt it suited the room I finally came up with the idea to use the wallpaper on an Ikea shoe cabinet that I had intended to place against the aforementioned wall in the hall. I’m very pleased with the result.

What you need:
Wallpaper and an Ikea product you want to spruce up a bit. Double sided tape (10 m should do nicely), a sharp knife and scissors.

I stuck the wallpaper on the drawers before I assembled the cabinet, but it should be easy enough to do it afterwards.

Step 1
Cut wallpaper big enough to cover the drawer. Make sure you have some extra wallpaper to work with (you will cut excess wallpaper away later)

Step 2
Put double sided tape on the drawer. It’s best to do it in rows (4-5 rows)

Step 3
Remove the protective paper from the double sided tape on the bottom row and place the wallpaper on it while making sure it is even. Repeat this process and work your way upwards.

Step 4

When finished fastening the wallpaper on to the drawer, turn drawer around and cut excess wallpaper away using a sharp knife.

Step 5

Turn the drawer back round, and using the sharp knife cut carefully around the handle opening. Let the steel around the opening guide your knife. It should be easy enough if done slowly.

Repeat the process on all four drawers if desired.

~ Thorgerdur Magnusdottir, Reykjavik, Iceland