Stylish LACK bed head

Materials: LACK tables, Mending plates, wood screws, some self-adhesive felt

Description: I found a lot of cheap & simple or simple & stylish bed heads but none that was cheap & simple & stylish.

One day I saw those 3 tables side by side in an Ikea showroom and it was like revelation to me.

Then the “Bed made from Lack table and Expedit shelf” confirmed to me that a LACK bed head was good idea.

The hack is quite straightforward if you look at the pictures (especially the one of the back).

There are only 2 things you can’t see: before screwing down the mending plates I used a nail to make a guiding hole for the screws and I drilled a hole at the bottom of the board for each leg in order to use the 2-sided screws that come with the tables.

I covered the mending plates and screwheads at the top with the felt to protect the wallpaper.

Price :
– self-adhesive felt, mending plates (100mm long) and screws (4mm x 20mm): ~4 euro
– Black LACK: 2×4,95 euro
– Wood plated LACK: 6,90 euro

Total : 20,80 euro

~ Aymeric, Grenoble, France