My Expedit Vika Bar

Materials: Expedit, Vika Amon, Capita, Grundtal

After moving in my new (and smaller) apartment, I had leftovers : a Vika Amon desk and an Expedit shelf, and I was tempted to make something to finish the living room, so I decided to combine the two into a bar.

First, I had to get the shelf off the ground, so I put Capita legs on the bottom.

Then, I found by accident in the sale section three Grundtal led spotlights that I of course pictured on the bar (it’s always better with light :3)

Then all I needed was some more Capita brackets on the top in order to fix the table top, and Tadaa !

Come by, have a drink !

See more of the Expedit Vika bar.

~ Sam-Play, France