Unique shoe storage/display solution

Materials: Ekby Laiva shelves, Circular Saw, drill, screws and wood glue

Description: By cutting Ekby Laiva shelves in two lengthways, I managed to create a slimline shelving solution for shoes which when assembled looks like a piece of designer furniture (for a fraction of the price!)

The shelving was assembled on the back of a second hallway door which we don’t use, although it does still open if required.

Built from the bottom up, initially a cut shelf piece is screwed into the wood flat to provide the first ‘bracket’ backing. Then the first shelf is attached on top of this piece using plenty of wood glue and two screws through it downwards (the holes for which were pre-drilled to prevent splitting). The next ‘bracket’ is then screwed into the door directly above this shelf which helps sandwich it in place. Repeat until done!

This project took me all afternoon, definitely longer than expected. But the results was pretty satisfying and cost just $30.

See more of the shoe display.
~ Oliver, Brooklyn, NY