(un)Lack of height

Materials: Lack Table (2) + Alkov Basket + Superglue

Description: The Lack series table; we’ve all seen it and most of us used it at some point in our first place. Afterall, they’re only $10! To me, however, they have two issues; they’re low to the ground and have no storage. If you’re tall and your home has limited closets, this is a lose-lose combo.

Enter some creativity and a few more dollars in your budget. I created a hack that added enough height for the Lack to match wits with “adult” sized couches from other stores as well as provide room for all of the random things we collect through life.

The Lack Hack:

1. Assemble one of two Lack Tables exactly according to plans.
2. Attach the second table top to the leg bottoms–a modest amount of superglue will work wonders. Make sure to glue the color side up.

Part Marriage:
The Alkov table (tough to find now), comes with a base (unassembled) that adds two inches in height as well as a few hardwood floor-safe feet.
3. Center the Alkov base on the underside of the Mainframe.
4. Drill starter holes in the underside of the table and attach using the Alkov-provided screws.

Flip over and place Alkov inside the Mainframe. Note that some care is needed as the basket has metal fixtures used to attach the base that could scratch the table if used too briskly.

What I like:
The Storage
The Height
The appearance that tables are floating due to the indented base.

Color – Mix and match if you like.
Base – If you cannot find this basket, find one with similar dimensions. Superglue the leftover table legs on the long-side to mimic the recessed footing–use paint or colored duct tape to cover or taper corners.

I’d love to see your interpretations of the same thing.

~ Jay Black, Philadelphia