Washing stand for small children

Rast 01 758899

play wash basin

Materials: Ikea Rast beside table, Ikea Vänna mirrow, Ikea Bästis heel, salad bowl, adha

Description: I wanted to create a washing stand for our little daugther. So I took the Rast beside table from Ikea and painted it with restover wall paint. Then I sawed a hole a little bit smaller than the size of the salad bowl. I finished the edges of the hole with sandpaper.

Rast 02 761037

After that I decorated the table with some cute animals in a different color.
In order to protect the wooden sureface from water I put a self-adhesive transparent foil on it. After that I applied the mirrow which is pretty easy because the mirrow already has an adequate appliance for that purpose.

Last step was to fix the heel at the table so that we can hang a towel up.

So Emma likes to splash with the water in the bowl, she cleans up her hands and her face and enjoys to see herself in the mirror.

~ Diana L., Germany, Essen

Jules Yap