BENNO & BILLY build a spice rack with doors


Description: Our spice rack (VÄRDE) is placed directly above the stove so all spices became oily and sticky – the time has come to change this.

The problem was we didn’t find a nice rack (with doors) which is not too deep to fit above our stove. And to fit some deeper boxes it can’t be too shallow.

Solution: take several IKEA items and fit them together.

Step 1: Take a BENNO DVD shelf and cut it down to 70cm (so it fits the NEXUS door). Cut BENNO on the bottom side because you don’t need the kicking plate if it is hanging to the wall. To fasten the lower board “copy” the drill holes to the bottom of the side boards. Switch upper and lower board (for optical reasons). Shorten the back wall and cut away the upper corners so you can use the wall attachment angle joints out of PAX (or any other package). Measure and drill the holes for the door (if you have a FAKTUM kitchen you can copy the measurements).

Step 2: Build the BILLY height extension (add holes in the back wall for angle joints and cut away corners for the heating pipe). Fasten the extra shelf as bottom board with screws.

Step 3: Fasten both shelves to the wall and connect them for more stability. Attach doors. (Door handle on NEXUS is an unused one of our kitchen – we couldn’t find an appropriate knob at IKEA)

Materials used:
• BENNO DVD/CD shelf unit (40×106)
• NEXUS Door (40×70)
• BILLY Height extension unit (40×35)
• BILLY Extra shelf (36×26)
• BILLY OLSBO Glass door (40×35)
• PAX angle joint (for wall attachment)
• Door handle (any)

~ Thomas, Bremen