Colorful LATT makeover

1 LATT children’s table and chair set, 1 roll gift wrapping paper, scotch tape, 1 roll clear adhesive contact (shelf liner) paper, 2 cans spray paint

1) My husband spray painted all pieces of the table and chair frames with red spray paint (he did the first layer with a combined primer/paint and went over it with the paint of the same color). Let dry overnight.

2) I wrapped the table top and seats with wrapping paper (coming around each edge and securing with scotch tape).

3) I covered the wrapped table top and seats with clear contact paper.

4) We assembled the table and chairs per the directions that came with the set.

I love the way the colors make it look more fun and child-friendly and the contact paper keeps it easily cleanable.

Also pictured: We hung a BYGEL rail (21 3/4″ length) with 3 white BYGEL containers on the wall next to the table for crayons, pencils, etc.

~ Leah, Puyallup, WA