Upholstered Latt Chairs

Materials: Latt children’s table, plywood, foam, spray paint, and screws

Description: We got the Latt table for our two year old but the edge of the chairs looked so uncomfortable for chubby little toddler thighs so I decided to upholster it. I didn’t really know how to go about this so I flipped over one of my dining room chairs to see how they were done and just copied that.

First I cut out a piece of thin plywood to fit on top of the entire seat of the chair. Then I cut out and glued a piece of one inch thick foam to the plywood. I cut the foam 1/4 an inch bigger on all sides because it shrinks a little when you wrap the fabric around it. For the fabric I picked a plasticky tablecloth material so it would be easy to wipe clean.

I cut the fabric roughly to size and then stapled it to the underside of the plywood pulling it tight as I went and adding more staples as needed. Next I spray painted the chairs glossy white to match my kitchen.

I haven’t gotten around to painting the table yet but I will someday. To attach the board and cushion to the chair I used two screws up through the brace under the Latt chair and in to the plywood. We tried several screw types but 1″ slightly pointy ones worked best. To be honest I don’t think my son even notices a difference but I think they are fantastic.

~ Lis, Washington State, USA

Jules Yap