Doggy Futon

Materials: 1 Lack side table + 1 Poang footstool cushion + glue

Our little flat is almost 100% Ikea furnished (you know, budget issues!). Recently we adopted a dog and we liked the idea of extending the Ikea-style also to his doghouse. Unfortunately, there is no pet furniture in the Ikea catalog, so we created this easy-but-handy Ikea Hack!

– 1 LACK side table
– 1 POANG footstool cushion
– vinyl glue

1) Flip the table’s top upside down, so that you can work on the lower face.
2) Spread some glue (we used vinyl glue) on the legs’ sides
3) Place the legs sideways in the centre of the top creating a square (see picture)
4) Turn the table and place the cushion on it: your doggy-futon is ready to be enjoyed!

~ Arianna and Giampaolo, Italy