Expedit half shelf reconsidered

Materials: Expedit half shelf, small jigsaw

Description: I bought this shelf insert, designed for Expedit, screwed it up and tried it in an Expedit shelf, only to realize I did not like it and felt it was useless… except if you want to put wine bottles in it. So I wondered if I could do something different with it. Here is my hack :

First I took it apart and built a half shelf with three parts of the insert (the easiest part of the hack)

Another view of the shelf, notice the three small holes in the middle of the shelf where the wooden pegs stood.

Then I was left with the four smaller parts, screws and three wooden pegs

First you have to shorten the wooden pegs about 1 cm (less than ½ inch, about the width of the “missing” piece) because they are designed to go through the piece of wood where you see the holes.

Insert the pegs in one of the wooden pieces and push the second one against the first.

Then screw the remaining two pieces on the sides and now you have two half-shelves to put in your Expedit bookshelf.


Please note that they are not the same, I made these pictures are just to show the difference, one fits perfectly, the second is a bit higher and shorter (but still usable) I use the second shelf in another bookshelf, the difference is less noticeable when the shelves are not side by side…

~ Annika, Geneva, Switzerland