Hanging Candle Tray

Materials: Florera 29cm a keyring and some chain

Description: For this hack we’re gonna use the boring dish candle tray Florera and transform it into a ceiling hanging candle tray

Let’s start by getting the following items
1x Florera candle tray
2x Keyrings (1 is optional)
1x about 2-3 meters of decoration chain (found at local hardware store / järnia)

For my design im gonna make a 3 link connection. (you could make 4 or more depending on style and preference)

Start by flipping the tray over.

Mark out 3 dots to drill anchor holes the holes should be about 1 cm from the outer edge depending on your chain size use a suitable drillbit size (the 3 feet are excellent location guides)

Remove the feet from underneath

Cut the chain in 4 pieces, 3 pieces should be about the length of 30-40 cm (depending on preference)

Connect one end of each chain to one of the keyrings keyrings (all 4 of them)

Using a plier open up 1 link at the end of the 3 chains of equal length, carefully attach each hole on the dish and close the chainlink

Cut the remaining 4th link at desired length from the roof and attach the second keyring.

~ Pudrik, Sweden