Ikea doors turned into unique pieces for the home!

Materials: A cupboard door from the “as-is” section at Ikea, acrylic paints, drill, various knobs, sandpaper and stain or glaze

Description: We took this plain old cupboard door from the “as-is” section at Ikea ($3!) and sanded it down to remove the varnish. After wiping the dust off, we painted with a cream spray paint until it was all covered (about 2 coats). Then, we printed off the last name and “date established” in a cool font and traced it onto the board, filling it in with a black acrylic paint pen.

After that dried, we lightly sanded the corners, sides and random spots for a sort of “vintage” look. Taking an old rag, dip it into the glaze (or stain) and rub over the board. Use a clean, dry rag to wipe off the excess. Once the glaze is dry, attach your knobs (I like to use mis-matched knobs) to the bottom of the board. Now you have a cool way to hang coats, pictures or simply display your name!

See more of the fun cupboard door.

~ Meg, United States