Spice Samurai: Wall mounted sword display rack

I wanted to put my bokken somewhere on the wall. I started looking at a BEKVÄM rack I already had on the wall and inspiration for a wall mounted sword display struck.

The rest was pretty easy, since I have a few unopened BEKVÄM spice racks.

bekvam spice rack

Wall mounted sword rack hack

So, this is pretty straight forward. Removed the front “stick”. Also removed the support hardware at the back.

I traced the shape of my bokken on one of the side pieces, cut and sanded pretty then copied to the other one.

Wall mounted sword display rack

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One of the screws was replaced by a shorter one (now, the top one, you can see the hole). The actual cutting could have been a lot neater, but I don’t have a router. But a lot of sanding did the trick.

Wall mounted sword display rack

Drilled 2 holes for the screws to fix to the wall, they just go through.
After some invisible lacquer, it’s just a matter of putting it to the wall like in the pictures.

So cheap and simple. I would think it will work with most swords, just adjusting the shape of the sides.

Wall mounted sword display rack

Taking into account that all was done with stuff that I always seem to have around the house, it was pretty cheap.

~ by João

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