Kitty cat’s Clawpole

Materials: Antonius shelf, Ekby Stödis brackets, Hessum doormat, screws, metallic L-brackets, white paint, pole, jute rope, floor protectors, small nails

Description: Since I think most cat-clawing furniture are both really expensive and ugly I decided to make my own.

1.Take the Antonius shelf and cut it in three or how many “floors” you want for your cat. I measured two shelves after about half of the doormat and let the last piece become the bottom plate.
2. Rasp the edges of the shelves so it’s smoother. Attach the shelves on the pole at the heights you think your cat would like, with small metallic L-brackets and screws. Attach the bottom plate.
3. Paint the whole thing with colour of your choice.
4. Staple the cut up doormat to the top of the shelf so that your kitty has something to grip on while getting up.
5. Use U-shaped nails to hammer down the jute rope. Start at an appropriate height (the cat won’t scratch his nails too far down), and wrap the rope around the pole going up. At some places you might need to secure with an extra nail.
6. Put floor protectors underneath the bottom plate and raise the whole pole against the wall where you want it. Secure it to the wall by using the Ekby Stödis brackets under the shelves.
7. Show it to your cat and amaze over his/her climbing skills and overall joy.

See more of the claw pole.

~ Caroline, Skå