Maskros Dandelion Gold Beauty

Materials: Maskros lamp, gold paint, gold leaf, paintbrush and patience

1. Cut each of the petals from the Maskros to the size that you desire. I wanted the petals a little bit smaller so that the shadows on the walls weren’t quite so big and there was a little more light in the room.

You can do this by using a glass to draw around so the petals are all the same length. I soon got bored of this and just guessed!!

2. Lay out a plastic sheet and paint the backs of all the petals in whatever colour paint you like – gold/silver mix for me.

3. Paint all the arms and the white clips that the petals will mount on. I hung them on a broom handle between two chairs to dry.

4. Paint the fronts of the petals once the backs have dried. Whilst the paint on the front of the petals is still wet, gently place pieces of gold leaf on to the paint. The wetness of the paint makes the gold leaf stick. I found it was best to tear small pieces of gold leaf off of the big sheet with a little brush. Leave to dry.

5. Assemble per the normal instructions and boom – beautiful sparkly Maskros!!

~ K Honey, Midlands, England