Romantic Moroccan Bedroom

rsz dsc 0001 797821
rsz dsc 0001 797821

Materials: LUMMIG curtain rod, FELICIA curtains (2), push pins, SNOVITA lantern, ANDREA SATIN duvet cover and pillow shams

Description: 1. Slide FELICIA curtains onto LUMMIG curtain rod.

2. Attach LUMMIG curtain rod (with curtains) to the wall above bed approx. 4 feet from the top of mattress. You can use push pins!

DSC 0006 704080

NOTE: Assure the shiny side on the curtains is facing away from you as you attach the rod to the wall.

3. Attach the free end of the curtains to the ceiling with push pins, letting the curtains swoop upward in a soft curve.

DSC 0002 799741
DSC 0005 701975

4. Decorate your bed with ANDREA SATIN duvet cover and pillow shams.

5. Add SNOVITA lantern to bedside table.

SUGGESTION: wash and iron the curtains first. oops!

~ Eleanor Stray, Portland, OR

Jules Yap