The iPhone 4 Wall Mount Dock

iPhone 4 IKEA wall mount dock

Materials: Lack shelf, utby leg 110cm, some wiring, Dock insert

Description: The shelf shall be used as a docking station for the iPhone 4 with power and audio connection.

First I glued the needed wires to the dock insert which you can buy for 9 dollars for three inserts.

Cut a hole on top of the Lack shelf for the insert and a smaller one on the bottom for the audio and/ or usb cable.

iPhone 4 IKEA wall mount dock
iPhone 4 wall mount dock

I wanted to built in some speakers, but now I control the stereo over an airport express from there.

The shelf should be mounted on the wall regularly but unfortunately this one is to weak to bear the weight.

After all I had to mount two Utby legs for support.

I still have to hide the last cables and provide some flowers.

~ Peter, Germany

Jules Yap