Fauxdenza Bedroom Storage

Materials: Akurum Wall Cabinet, Capita legs, pine slabs, saw, nails, stain, leather

Description: With an unsatisfying lack of storage in our tiny house, we’re always looking for ways to maximize our space and keep things organized. We had a gigantic armoire that held a lot of items, but swallowed up our space. This fauxdenza was our solution to adding additional storage, but it also opens up wall space for art and the table top can be used to display items or for standing craft projects.

Step 1: Build the cabinets according to IKEA instructions
Step 2: Measure, cut and mount the pine table top.
Step 3: Stain and coat.
Step 4: Cut strips of leather for pull tab handles and nail into the cabinet doors.
Step 5: Fill your capacious fauxdenza with all your crap.

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~ megan rolerkite, United States