FJELLSE bedframe hack

Materials: fjellse bed frame, wood for headboard, stain, screws

Description: I had been eyeballing a simply designed designer bed that cost over 2 grand. With less than $100 I recreated the design out of a Fjellse bed frame..

Step 1: Buy the Fjellse bed frame for $49.99.
Step 2: Put the bed frame together and then stain it with your favorite stain color. I chose a dark color called Jacobean. It’s my go to color and gives it a nice rich feel and easily hides the blah Fjellse frame.
Step 3: Stain two slabs of pine
Step 4: Coat if desired. I coated it with Osmo. It gives it a smooth finish, without the plasticy poly look.
Step 4: Screw the two slabs of pine on to the Fjellse head board.

Ta da!

See more of the Fjellse headboard.

~ Megan Rolerkite, Portland, OR

Jules Yap