Functional Wall Sculpture with Besta Burs

Materials: 3 Besta Burs high gloss

Description: A long wall in an open space living room. Needed DVD and small media storage, also did not want to block too much the light coming from the window and keep the room less crowded. Loved the Besta Burs look, but one unit was not sufficient storage. Solution was to create a zig-zag out of 3 pieces. The only challenge was to mount the vertical unit. We did a lot of measuring, looking for the 2X4 studs in the wall and marking them.

We started with the vertical unit, moving the holes (drilling new ones) from where the support is originally provided (at the top of the unit) to the middle of the unit and making sure we secure the unit in the vertical stud of the wall. Then, we mounted the other horizontal units. The Besta Burs only comes with 3 holes along the back to support in the wall, but they do not fit exactly on a wall stud (2 holes fit, but not the 3rd), so we moved one in order to provide the best support. Especially for the bottom horizontal unit we were afraid our kids might sit on it. The vertical unit opens a bit harder, but that is all, it works well. We think we managed to get an interesting look to the living room, it looks like a modern sculpture.

~ Anda and Laur, Texas, US