Ikea Floating Headboard from Kitchen cover panels

Materials: Perfekt Abstrakt High gloss grey panels, wood framing

Description: I made this headboard from Ikea’s high gloss kitchen panels. The panels come in 24×80″ so I used 2 horizontally with one above the other so as to not have to cut and re-edgeband them. I ripped four 1″ thick and 30″ long vertical strips from 2×4’s to connect the 2 panels together and spaced them evenly along the back.

I then ripped longways two 2×4’s with my table saw blade on a 30 degree angle and trimmed them to 60″ long. I mounted one half of each 2×4 to the wall and the other half on the top and bottom backside of the headboard. This lets you ‘hang’ the headboard on the wall, and the diagonal cut will seat the headboard so it can’t come off the wall easily.

Lastly , I trimmed the top, bottom and left sides with another 24×80 panel scribing it to the wall to eliminate gaps and irregularities of the wall. Just a typical day’s project as an installer here at Modernash Furniture Supply. More custom projects we’ve done to follow

~ Brent Burgee, Nashville, TN

Jules Yap