Lampan lamp as tulip-shaped speaker stand

2 Lampan lamps $1, one 16 oz tub of lightweight spackling $9

Description: I had been looking forever for a vase or some sort of tulip-shaped base to elevate my shelf speakers and give them a mod look, and it didn’t have to be white, because I could paint whatever I found.

When I walked into Ikea and saw the Lampan lamp base for $7.99, in white, I bought 2 and gave it a shot.


I cut the electrical cord off (because the central lamp parts are really glued in there and couldn’t be removed. I discarded the shades.

The plastic is really thin and flimsy and the speakers are heavy, so I filled the entire fluted sections with lightweight spackle.

Rested the bases on their sides for 2 days to dry out.

I then had some white rice paper remnants, so I used that to cover both ends of the base so the dry spackle doesn’t leave chalk marks on everything.

The result? Perfect mod speaker stands.

~ Polsia, Brooklyn, New York