Living Room Wall System

Materials: Friel, Lack, Akurum, Besta and Pax

Description: This is a 12″ wide wall system put together with 100% ikea items including 2 Friel TV units (as base), Besta black-brown doors, 2 Lack wall shelves and Pax/Akurum kitchen cabinets top units. The 60″ Pioneer Kuro TV and the Definitive Technology Mythos speakers have all wiring hidden behind the Besta wall panels/doors. The Friel base units hide all AV equipment and 12 TB home theatre/movie Plex server. Total cost of just Ikea units is approx. $1,100. Total time spent designing and constructing was around 2 weeks.

See more of the Besta wall unit.

~ Sourojit Dhar, Long Beach, CA